Modular Kitchen

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Term used for the modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified. Modular kitchen is a growing trend; it is an essential need if you need organized storage, convenient work place, comfort and exquisiteness. The functionality and utility of a modular kitchen will be a necessity in the times to come. Modular kitchen should be designed for convenience and functionality, To make their kitchen look like a showstopper maintain and even repair. A well planned modular kitchen is all about large amount of storage created in a small space. You should understand your need and then design your kitchen. Depending on the space in your kitchen you can select the shape of your modular kitchen; it can be U-shape, L-shape, G-shape, Island Style, and Straight Kitchen, Following are the brief details about the kitchens.


Straight Modular Kitchen

Kitchen activities are the benchmarks of straight modular kitchens. It is also known as single wall or one-wall kitchen and is useful for smaller kitchens. Reaching the overhead cabinets becomes very convenient and space efficient in such kitchens.

L-Shape Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen appear as L-shape occupying only two adjacent walls of the kitchen. The longer wall faces the room generally and work triangle is maintained. A kitchen work triangle has three points with refrigerator, stove and sink at each point of the triangle which ensures minimum interference with work at three different working zones.

G-Shape Modular Kitchen

G-shape modular kitchen is the hybrid version of U-shape modular kitchen. Such kitchen provides extra space in the kitchen and hence is ideal for large families. Build as the shape of alphabet “G” it provides extra counters and storage space for special appliances.

U-Shape Modular Kitchen

If there is enough available space in your kitchen then U-shape modular kitchen is the best option for you as it covers all the three adjoining walls of the kitchen giving enough storage space and area to work around in the kitchen.

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel or gallery modular kitchen is ideal for kitchen with less available space as it uses one wall for work area like for sink, worktop and oven and other wall for storage. Such modular kitchen ensures that there is no inconvenience of movement and cooking in the kitchen.

Solid Wood

Commonly used in the designing of modular kitchens, solid wood is divided into two categories, softwood and hardwood. Whereas softwood is derived from evergreen plants; deciduous trees are the source for hardwood. Whether you’ve to create the base, shelves, back panel, walls or doors of modular kitchen cabinets – more often real wood is preferred over other material types because it is durable and offers great finish. The sources for real wood are cheery, oak, maple, pine and alder trees.