Interior Design


SRG Interior is the best interior designer and interior decorator in delhi ncr. SRG understands what makes a space stands out from its competition. Our Designs speak whether it’s for a particular purpose or for a home, office, hotel or a nightclub. All our Projects are themed around research into colour, drawing, communication skills, utilizing the maximum spaces, and historical and contemporary style. Our team of Decorators are experts and will utilize their concepts to amaze you.

SRG Interiors offer custom levels of service & a breadth of options to personalize and enhance the end design experience for the clients. We execute projects from concept to completion and all areas in between. SRG can provide clients with a space that fulfil their needs and which appeals to their sense of style. Our professional designers are experts in serving clients who seek a successful & interactive approach to interior design.

The space where you spend most of your time needs to have a sense of relaxing and pleasing touch to it. We at SRG, keep all points in check while offering you a space with style and comfort. We will offer you the best of interior design solutions addressing your design and space requirements. Our Team of Decorators carries amazing design concepts and ideas to stun your thoughts and space.

SRG Interiors is a charismatic and illustrious company offering quality Interior Designing work in Faridabad. Our skilled team is experienced in creating new concepts. Our mission is simple ‘Satisfying customers beyond their expectations by providing them with quality solutions’.

SRG Interiors Associates’ Interior Designer is converted into reality. Most of us have a misconception that interior designing requires larger space for it to be a success. However, this is not true as interior designing can be applied to homes of all sizes with in a set budget range. Let us begin with first understanding what interior designing includes and how is it different from interior decoration. Whereas interior decorating is concerned basically with adorning the space which includes selection of a colour scheme, purchasing the desired upholstery and accessories etc.



The best way to give a space an interesting look is to take care of texture which includes upholstery, fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, cushions, etc. It also helps in striking a balance in a space for example, rough textures help in balancing the natural light in a bright room where as smooth and shiny textures can be used to balance the natural light in a dark room.


Different colours give different meaning to a space and sets different mood. They can transform a monotonous and dull room into an exciting one with vibrant colours or one which provides calmness to mind with neutral colours.


Patterns are nothing but repeated designs in paints, wallpaper, rugs, fabrics etc. The sole purpose of patterns is to make a space come alive and add interest to it. Besides the seven elements there are seven principles of interior design which a good interior designer must apply in order to avert costly mistakes and get that flawless look of your home.